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is going into zoology/marine biology a good way to transfer into pathology

also is there any advice for a book or anything of the sort for a beginner researcher

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1 answer

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LaTausha’s Answer

It's indirect but you'll get your pre-reqs out of the way for med-school.
I graduated with bs biology pre-med then went back to school post-bac for clinical lab science degree.
Lab science degree are more diagnostic and help you think about pathological processes taking place to produce various diseases.
If you have an opportunity to double major in marine biology and clincal lab science think about it. You'll still meet requirements for med-school, you'll have a better clinical foundation, and a working bachelor's degree immediately upon graduation as you pursue your next academic journey.
Thank you comment icon thank you this is very enlighting, I hope you find success in your scientific adventures. Deandra