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Marion Jan 16 529 views

How do I go about selecting the right school(s) to apply for?

What are my chances of getting into a school with a decent neuroscience program or biology program? I had decent ACT scores, didn’t do the SAT (it wasn’t an option at the time) and brought my overall GPA in high school from 1.5 to a 3.5 in my last two years. I know I won’t be getting into any...

John’s Avatar
John Dec 05, 2023 415 views

How can i find a job?

This is what i am looking for

Sarvagna’s Avatar
Sarvagna Dec 06, 2023 495 views

What extracurricular activities look good on my resume to be a biology major?

I want to be a Biology major at UNC Chapel Hill and I was wondering what would make my application look better.

Gio’s Avatar
Gio Nov 22, 2023 294 views

what can i do besides going to collage to work in zoology and wildlife biologist?

like is there any possible way I wouldn't have to go in person to college to achieve working in that field

Laurynl’s Avatar
Laurynl Oct 10, 2023 150 views

What is the best affordable program for a biology major? Is that a good choice for someone who wants to become a Clinical Data Manager?

I'm looking to enter the clinical research field and am questioning what I should major in before I begin a dual enrollment program.

aarna’s Avatar
aarna Oct 08, 2023 301 views

What is the typical pay for someone who is great and good and science and well trained with a bachelors degree? also what are the usual work hours for an average scientist?

What is the typical pay for someone who is great and good and science and well trained with a bachelors degree? also what are the usual work hours for an average scientist?

Robert’s Avatar
Robert Sep 20, 2023 183 views

Is there any possibility I can major in Human & Physiology? I took two semesters of it, a semester of calculus 1, college algebra, and trigonometry. I'm assuming I'll be able to at this point. And I did finish a semester of biology, as well as introductory chemistry. Feedback is always appreciated.

I want to major in human anatomy and physiology for research. I enjoy it so much, and I hope calculus 1, college algebra, and trigonometry is enough. I also hope biology and introductory chemistry will suffice. I don't think calculus 2 is something I can handle.

shaila’s Avatar
shaila Sep 13, 2023 616 views

What would be a good college to look into if you want to become a researcher in the biology field? What would be a good college if you are looking to become a physician's assistant?

I'm tied between becoming a researcher or a physician's assistant. Both sound interesting and can be in the biology category. I do better with a team and i know both are/can be working with other people.

Anna’s Avatar
Anna Aug 14, 2023 535 views

How can I reach out to science labs asking for an internship as a high school student?

Could anyone provide email templates for requesting a medical or chemistry internship as a high school student trying to work with popular and selective research labs?

Neil’s Avatar
Neil Aug 21, 2023 422 views

Question about exposure in the field of biomedical engineering

Hi! I am a sophomore at Poolesville High School (magnet school) who is interested in a biomedical career path (still not certain). I was wondering how I can get more exposure in the field--in terms of lab work, research, hands on work, etc.?

Sophia’s Avatar
Sophia Feb 12, 2023 680 views

What job would you reccommend for lab work and research other than chemistry and microbiology?

For example, working with cells, tissue, etc. As well as working with microscopes, possible genetic engineering, bacteria.

Katie’s Avatar
Katie Jul 31, 2023 425 views

Does genetic counseling involve more math or writing in addition to biology and genetics?

I have better math skills than writing skills so I was wondering how well a genetic counselor career would work for me.

Avery’s Avatar
Avery Jun 12, 2023 261 views

What's your microbiology experience?

Please describe your experience in working with various types of microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, or fungi.

Adrienne’s Avatar
Adrienne Jun 26, 2023 220 views

What are the best colleges with medical programs? (Taking into account affordability, uniqueness, everything else)

I plan on becoming a medical scientist (or biomedical). I've taken honors biology and honors chemistry and science is my best subject. I plan on majoring in bio.

Lucio’s Avatar
Lucio Jun 03, 2023 275 views

How difficult is it to become a biotechnician?

I really want to be a biotechnician, but as someone who comes from a lower class family and is assigned female at birth, i dont know how attainable it will be for me.