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Tulsa, Oklahoma
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My current goal is to do what I love and to love what I do. seriously I want to be a biologist, bottom line I want to work with animals.

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Deandra Aug 11, 2022 511 views

Is doing prep pharmacy tech. classes a good way to transfer to biology?

also, are there any book recommendations for an aspiring biologist?

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Deandra Aug 04, 2022 571 views

is going into zoology/marine biology a good way to transfer into pathology

also is there any advice for a book or anything of the sort for a beginner researcher

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Deandra Aug 03, 2022 706 views

What was the process for becoming a volunteer for aquarium/zoo?

I understand if it is as simple as going in and asking but I would like to know the nuances of becoming a volunteer, such as what are the credentials for becoming one, such as a high school diploma or higher, licenses, ext.?