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What is a good way for me to pursue my dream career?

I have a career picked out that I think I would really enjoy but I don't know how to pursue that said career to the best of my ability.

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4 answers

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Seth’s Answer

There are many different ways you can pursue your dream career, and this will vary depending on what your chosen career is. A few additional pieces of information would be needed to give the best answer (stage in life i.e. in college, young professional, experienced and want to change careers?; what type of career you are pursuing, and what level of skill you already have in that type of work).

Somer general advice I can give would be to assess your strengths and weaknesses. Then, do some research into that career to determine what areas you would want to work on increasing your skill set in. A great way to do this is by reading articles online about the career, or reaching out to someone in your network that has experience. If you do not know anyone in this field, you can attend networking events or career fairs and try to meet people that may be able to provide some insight. Once you know what skills you would like to work on you can set goals and chart your progress to gauge how you are progressing.

While networking, this would be a great opportunity to ask someone in this field questions about their day to day life, or even ask to shadow them for a few days so you can get a sense of what it would be like to be in this career. This will also be a great opportunity to gain experience and contacts in the profession.

It's important to show what impact and value you can provide, and not just ask for assistance. This could be something like offering to complete some tasks in exchange for the experience.

When you are motivated and surround yourself with the right crowd you will see opportunities come. The important thing is to start with some small action today. Many small actions over time lead to big job prospects.

Seth recommends the following next steps:

Start with a small deliberate action today. (Learn new skills, reach out to someone in the field, etc.)
Thank you comment icon You rock! This advice is very helpful. Teddy
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Orain’s Answer

Hello Teddy,

I hope all is well with you

You have already completed the first step which is knowing which career you would like to pursue in the future. Here are some recommendations

1. Talk with career services at your school to obtain information on what is needed to be apart of that career in the future
2. There are free information online for a day in a specific career field that you can utilize
3. There maybe networks/groups you can join to also gain information in that field.

Please reach out if you need any additional information

I hope this helps


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Linda’s Answer

I would highly recommend you speak to people in the career that you are interested in pursuing. You will gain a number of insights that will help to confirm your interest. I am attaching a sample of an interview format that works really well! Good luck to you!

Information Interview
Conducting an information interview is a great way to begin building your network! Ask your guidance counselors, teachers, etc. if they can help you connect with a professional in a career that you have an interest in and would like to learn more about. Ask your guidance counselor, teacher, etc., if they would be willing to ask this person to provide you a half hour to 45 minutes of their time so that you could contact them to learn more about their profession. Obtain their contact phone number and/or email address and call or email them to coordinate a time for your phone conversation.

Here are some examples of questions you may want to ask:
• What are the major responsibilities of your position?

• How did you get into your field? Is that still a good way?

• What is a typical workday or week like for you? Do you take work home?

• What do you like about your position?

• What do you dislike about your position?

• What are the critical competencies and personal characteristics needed in this kind of work?

• What are some of the major challenges or issues that someone in your position faces?

• What are the prospects for someone entering your field today?

• What are the career paths of this profession? With experience in this field, where can a person move?

• Are you aware of any professional web-sites or any other resources that may provide me with current information and some best practices regarding this profession?

• Is there someone else in your field that you might suggest I talk to?

Helpful Hint: Follow-up your interview with a thank-you email to the person (within 3 to 5 business days).

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Victor’s Answer


I think where you could start is by learning more about the actual day to day of the career yo picked. One way to go about this is conducting informational interviews. You could find people in different companies who are already this and ask for 10 min of their time where you would be asking them questions about what they do and what they like the most or the list.