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Michelle Oct 13 194 views

What are some things I should consider when looking for a college?

If I haven´t decided what I want to study what should I look for in a college before I apply?

Zachary’s Avatar
Zachary Jan 10, 2020 842 views

What does being a business major take?

I'm looking for colleges and I want to be a business major, but I don't know what to focus on and I'm not sure how to go about college (majors and minors). #business #major #college

Leo’s Avatar
Leo Sep 27 115 views

What state of mind should I prepare myself for college in?

Nervous but excited. Don't know yet what college has in store for me.

Elijah’s Avatar
Elijah Oct 10 163 views

What else can I be good at?

What else can I be good at other than school?

Victoria’s Avatar
Victoria Mar 22, 2019 2665 views

How do I get an opportunity to intern in one of the Big Four accounting firms?

I am currently majoring in Accounting and I will be a Junior next semester (Fall 2019). I am really interested in interning in one of the Big Four (KPMG, YE, PWC, and Deloitte). There are locations near me and I have started applying to two of them, but what do these firms look for in a...

kaitlyn’s Avatar
kaitlyn Feb 19, 2021 464 views

As a business person, if you could give one piece of advice to your former self, what would it be?

I created a Business Club at my school, and I wanted to ask a few questions. #business

Teddy’s Avatar
Teddy Oct 04 229 views

What is a good way for me to pursue my dream career?

I have a career picked out that I think I would really enjoy but I don't know how to pursue that said career to the best of my ability.

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Apr 19, 2021 479 views

Whats the most valuable thing you learned in business school?


Josh’s Avatar
Josh Feb 12, 2020 1932 views

Want to go into advisory / management consulting. Which is a better stepping stone? Audit or Tax?

Hi. I'm an accounting fresh graduate who is currently trying to complete ACCA. I would like to go into advisory or management consulting but lately there are no responses from Big4 and other consulting firms. Therefore, I might have to start my career in either external audit or tax. Which of...

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew Oct 03 99 views

What would be the hardest part of your job and why?

Why is that part hard for you?
do you have enough money to have extra to spend on fun things?

Michelle’s Avatar
Michelle Sep 27 164 views

What's the hardest thing about being an accountant?

I am currently a junior in high school, and I'm considering majoring in business in the future. I'd like to know more about accounting as a career.

Colin’s Avatar
Colin Mar 10 708 views

What is the most common thing Financial advisors do?

#financial-aid #college #accounting #money #finance

Teddy’s Avatar
Teddy Sep 27 107 views

Where can I find people who will help me achieve my goals?

life advice, college, career, and finance.

Lidibet’s Avatar
Lidibet Apr 27, 2020 2055 views

what are the biggest responsibilities of an accountant?

Everything that has to do with economy and finances has always caught my attention. I have the basic knowledge about the career but wanted to know what is the main responsibility in the job of an accountant #college #accounting #business

Ambar’s Avatar
Ambar Jun 10, 2021 602 views

What can I do as a high schoolers to help my progress of becoming an accountant in college?

I want to become an accountant. #accounting #business #finance