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can someone with a Bs in renewable energy engineering or communications and informations engineering do a master in propulsion and become a propulsion engineer ?

Updated Egypt

hi , I'm going to college soon so i have to choose what major i'm going to study... I'm passionate about rockets and spacecrafts so i want to study aerospace engineering but the problem is that in my country there is a few aerospace programs and they're poor in quality... so now i think i have two choices either to study renewable energy engineering or communications and informations engineering... my question is which one of these two majors will give me a better opportunity to do a master in aerospace engineering specifically propulsion ?

4 answers

Col Sen’s Answer

Updated New Delhi, Delhi, India
I am telecom professional for 30 yrs plus and experience in alternate/Renewable Energy in Telecom. I see your question : very interesting! Well, if you are passionate about Aerospace and rocket science, you can do a great deal with your present background. What stops you to think about propulsion through alternative energy source? It may appear impossible idea today but that's for your generation to change! Telecom and Energy Source are two major ingredients for a successful mission of which you have a background. So I would advice you to do a major in renewable/alternate energy systems or core telecom engineering and do higher level of research and contribute meaningfully to the humanity while chasing your dream of shooting a rocket into the sky!

Danielle’s Answer

Updated San Diego, California
Hi Mohamed! Your outlook on your career sound so exciting! Thinking ahead will get you far in life! Since you seem like your passionate about aerospace engineering, I would ask have you ever considered studying aboard? If you cannot afford to study aboard the other option you could consider is MIT has open courses in the your desired degree program for FREE! You can do a little more investigation on the program to determine if it is a right fit for you but here is the link https://ocw.mit.edu/courses/aeronautics-and-astronautics/16-50-introduction-to-propulsion-systems-spring-2012/index.htm. I will suggest linking up with different online social group with the same shared interested through social media sites like Linkedin. That way you will be able to network with like minded people like you! Here is another link to see all your options. https://www.workflowmax.com/blog/the-best-social-networking-sites-for-engineers I hope this helps! Stay focused, stay determined, and you will go far! #aerospace-engineering

Andrei’s Answer

Updated New York, New York
Hello Mohamed, Well, I do not have a lot of experience in those fields, but I know some things about aerospace and life in general. All those options are great, but not really related to one another. If you mentioned that you may take mechanical engineering and then transfer to aerospace, that would be more closely related. If you are going after energy and communications because there are a lot of opportunities close by, its OK, but do realize why you are making that decision. My Dad once told me "He who chases 2 rabbits, will catch neither." If your passion is aerospace, than you need to figure out how to pursue that dream. If you are thinking about rockets and spacecraft, than you may need to think about moving to where those opportunities are. I know this may seem a bit extreme, and there are many things to take into consideration, but you need to be honest with yourself and be able to stay the course. Usually when you go for your masters degree, a lot of that will be based on, or a continuation of what you learned in your bachelors degree. I can't help but feel that you may struggle when you get there because you will not have the basics or a foundation to build on. I have been very lucky that I fell in love with airplanes at a young age and have been able to make my life in aviation. I have had to move a few times, following opportunities, but they have always been in aviation. I have had set backs, but do not regret any of them because I followed my dreams and they have gotten me where I am today. Good luck, hope this helps.

Mark’s Answer

Updated Morrisville, North Carolina
Interesting question, and I would suggest a solution that is a little complicated... :) I am in the telecommunications field, and would suggest that as field of study. Renewable energy is not a bad field either (of course), but one advantage of telecom is that it has a "natural" international nature. Learning telecom allows for jobs to be available in other countries, hopefully including ones where the aerospace schools are better. "B" grades I don't think will disqualify you from getting into a school, but may limit which schools for which qualify. Doing what you can to have an impressive school transcript is rarely bad. Having the ability to pay for your own degree because of your telecom/renewable energy job can make this much easier to be make this happen, of course. :) However, I would also ask if are sure enough about your passion to want it to be a full time job? There is never anything to prevent you studying this field on your own, and even contributing to it if you have some ideas in the area. The reason that jobs in telecom and renewable energy are more common is that the world needs a LOT of skills in these areas at this time... and not so many people with propulsion knowledge. Continue to consider your alternatives... like you have already! Be honest with what you want and why, and best of luck in your education and career!