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To become an investment banker is a degree in business administration appropriate?

Updated Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

For my future career plans. #banking #investment-banking #finance

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6 answers

Clayton’s Answer

Updated New York, New York
I would urge you to pursue a degree in a specific finance field, however a business administration degree could be a path to an eventual investment banker. You would most likely be looking at internships in wealth management at first, while you are in college, and then could make the transition to IB. Good luck! :)

Jay’s Answer

You already have some good advice to your question, but I might add a few thoughts for you. 1) It's great to have an idea of what you want to do, "Investment Banker" but I would encourage you to focus your first few years or jobs on building a diversity of skill sets. it will be those skill sets that enable you to be successful across a larger range of roles. In my case, I started with one degree in mind, but changed majors 4 times and do not currently work in my original degree field. I do ,however, utilize my minor in Communication Studies quite a bit. So, if you get some exposure to the field of Investment Banking and don't like it, you have other skills that will allow you to try a different field. 2) If you are headed to investment banking, the degrees mentioned (finance, accounting, marketing) would all be good. But I would highly encourage you to take a sales role in a large organization for a year or more to gain a good foundation of dealing with different kinds of personalities and finding your "voice" when it comes to advising , consulting, or selling ideas to future clients. Even if you don't ultimately want to be in a direct sales role, having success in that type role early in your career will help give you better understanding of how customers think and how products and services reach the market. Mostly, though, just stick with your larger plan, irrespective of short term things changing during your journey. Good Luck

Jennifer’s Answer

Updated New York, New York
Hi Devansh, I think it's great that you have a goal in mind when it comes to your career. I think you can pursue this in one of two ways. You can acquire a business degree with a concentration/major in finance. Or you could also study within the college of arts and major in economics. I know people working in investment banking who came from both backgrounds. I would suggest taking courses in both areas to become a well rounded candidate.

John’s Answer

My opinion is you should specialize in a specific business degree like finance or accounting to lead into this type of career front. it shows specialization plus finance and/or accounting our the languages of business.

Gregory’s Answer

Updated New York, New York
There are many people who obtain jobs within investment banking that do not have a degree in Finance or in business for that matter. Investment banks are looking for applicants who are smart, driven and fast learners. While your finance degree will help with the basics, your real learning will occur within your first years on the job. My advice would be to obtain degree in something that interests you, maintain a high GPA, apply for an internship at an investment bank and begin networking your way to a career in investment banking. Good luck!

Tod’s Answer

Updated Rochester, New York
Hi Devansh, I think a degree in Finance is probably the best choice for an investment banking career. If not finance, the Business Admin degree with a focus or minor in Finance is a good option too.