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Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
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Aayushi’s Avatar
Aayushi Dec 15, 2020 1023 views

I want to drop out from college and wanna do something else. Should i go for it?

I have completed 2 years of my college,3 more were left but now i have started to realise that this is not the career for me, what should i do? #career #colleges #dropout #career-choice #career-advice #career-plan

DEVANSH’s Avatar
DEVANSH Jul 31, 2017 2460 views

To become an investment banker is a degree in business administration appropriate?

For my future career plans. #banking #investment-banking #finance

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Nitesh’s Avatar
Nitesh Mar 07, 2019 655 views

How do i get an internship in data science / Software engineering in India ?

#internship #computer-science #data-science #tech

Deva nagaraj’s Avatar
Deva nagaraj Apr 21, 2016 1195 views

which course should i choose? when i want to study about electronics.

I am interested in electronics... so i asked that question... #electronics #electrical #electronic