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Alex Sep 18, 2019 1078 views

How Does One Keep Their Computer Technology Skills And Knowledge Up To Date?

Hello, my name is Alex - and I'm hoping to land a job in the Tech field after I graduate from Job Corps after my 8-12 months in trade. One thing that concerns me is how quickly computers and the pieces within them can out pace their predecessors, and how fast 'bleeding edge' can fall behind....

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Quinn May 24, 2016 943 views

In your opinion what is the best minor or language to pair with an economics major?

I would like to graduate with a minor to pair with my major. I am also considering taking up a foreign language. #college #college-major #economics

Azar’s Avatar
Azar Feb 13, 2017 575 views

What courses are necessary to get a associates in theater

I want to know #theatre #film-acting

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Sithelo Jul 29, 2017 770 views

I want to study law but not sure what subjects need to be taken,so need some advice on that.

#law-practice #lawyer #career-details

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DEVANSH Jul 31, 2017 2224 views

To become an investment banker is a degree in business administration appropriate?

For my future career plans. #banking #investment-banking #finance

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