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Is it possible to do Master in Aeronautical Engineering while doing Bachelor in Electrical or Electronic Engineering? Or any other Engineering.

I have done A'levels and expecting my result on Tuesday. In my city there isn't any University offering Aeronautical Engineering, neither Bachelor nor Masters. But I want to do Aeronautical Engineering so, I have thinking to do Bachelor in some field that can help me do Master in Aeronautics. Can you suggest any? #engineering #aeronautics #electronics #bachelors #electrical #master

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1 answer

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Matthew’s Answer

Great question M!
The answer to your question is yes! You can absolutely do an undergraduate degree in one type of engineering and then do a masters in another. I work in an Aero/Astro lab with about 30 students, and approximately 10-20% have a different background. This is for precisely the reason you mention: many schools do not have aero/astro departments (or nuclear, or rail road, etc).

Electrical engineering would be fine to do as an undergrad so long as: 1) you want to do something EE related when you do you masters (like work on control systems or other electronics gear). 2) you do really well in your classes. Remember grad school is competitive and if you don't have the scores and grades admissions could be tough. 3) you might also consider mexhanic and chemical engineering as other options as well. 4) talk to the guidance counselor or your academic advisor and tell them about your goals. It's their job to help you make good decisions and get where you want to go!

Have fun!

Matthew P.
MIT, M.S. '11
UMASS, B.S. ChE '07

Thank you comment icon Thanks. And what are the jobs and research available for Aeronautical Engineerer?? Muhammad