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What does a normal day look like for a Forensic Science Technician ?

I have always wanted a hands on job that push my thinking further everyday and a Forensic Science Technician caught my eye. So I have been wondering what does a normal day look like for them. Do they have to go in at 3:00 in the morning or do they have a set schedule like 8 am to 8pm? #forensicscientist #criminal-justice #forensic-chemistry #science #stem

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Fredericka’s Answer

Hi A'kia,
That's a great question! I am a forensic chemist. I work regular hours in the lab (Monday through Friday with occasional overtime). Most days start with looking at my case backlog and determining which ones I can analyze that day. The analysis involves chemistry and using current scientific instrumentation to determine what is in the substance. This career can challenge one's problem solving...be curious! A forensic chemist or scientist sometimes helps outside the lab collecting evidence, providing court testimony or explaining an analysis to a prosecuting attorney. If you are interested, study science and look for a solid and well rounded college program.