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While on the job, did you ever feel as if it was too much to handle?

I see myself as having strong stomach, however, I have never seen anything to stomach turning. #forensicscientist #criminal-justice

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Eric’s Answer

In my experiences, when I used to assist in running our college's CSI Camp, we would have the campers dig up a dead dear that had been buried for about a month (just enough to be decomposed partially, and when it is usually still "juicy" and pungent). It was a day long process where you would have to remove the dirt slowly, and withstand the sights and smells of the decomposing corpse. Within the first hour of digging up the body, you are used to the smells and may not even realize that you reek of the decomposing corpse till you are well away from the burial area. I personally have no issue with the sights and smells involved with the job, and if you do choose that career path you will become accustomed to them while on the job. #college #college-advice #forensic #forensic-science #criminal-justice #criminal-investigation #crime-scene-investigation