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What are the main responsibilities of an HVAC worker?

What are some types of main responsibilities that an HVAC worker does, that a person looking into HVAC should know?

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1 answer

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Vamshee’s Answer

HVAC technicians install, maintain, and repair refrigeration, cooling, heating, and ventilation systems. Some HVAC technicians focus on a particular specialty, such as solar energy or air quality. Others may specialize in installation, maintenance, or repair.

Along with technical skills, HVAC technicians must also possess certain soft skills ( Problem solving abilities, communication Skills, Time Management etc)

Working conditions for HVAC technicians can vary, HVAC equipment can be located indoors or outdoors, so you may have to work in small spaces inside, such as attics and crawl spaces, or in harsh weather conditions outside.

HVAC technicians may also experience varied schedules. Need to After hours to attend the calls or fix the issues depend upon job requirements.

HVAC Daily Routine includes:

Install new HVAC Systems
Travel to homes and businesses as scheduled
Determine customer concerns with their current HVAC system
Inspect current HVAC systems for effectiveness and safety
Perform necessary repairs and routine maintenance.
Maintain accurate inventory of all equipment and HVAC resources

Hope this helps! Good Luck with your future endeavors.