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What path should I take if I want to enter a career in the automotive industry?

Asked Carlsbad, California

I am extremely interested in cars: how they work, auto racing, and exotic sports cars. I would love to find a career that would allow me to delve into the world of automotive racing specifically but also pay well enough for me to own an exotic sports car. I am wondering where I should start in order to achieve this goal. #technology #automotive #auto-racing #mechanical-engineering

4 answers

Kenneth’s Answer

Updated Saint Clair Shores, Michigan
Get into Engineering Aerospace. The American auto industry is "feast of famine meaning ups and downs. I am currently working on the Cadillac CT6. Due to sales we have slowed our build process. Focus on TPS and Lean engineering. Experience will take you from there.

D'Arcy’s Answer

Updated Kirkland, Washington
How exciting for you! Best thing to do is check out your local community colleges and see if the automotive programs are something you are intetested in. You can also request info from some of the bigger schools like UTI & Wyotech. I am a graduate of UTI, it opened the doors for me to walk right into dealeships. Without my college training I could only get into independent shops. If you get into automotive school make sure you focus on more than ONE make- I did Vw, Audi & Ford. Currently I am working on Nissan certification. Good luck!

Charles’s Answer

Updated Houston, Texas
I started in 1979 as an auto mechanic helper at an automotive New car dealership. I took an automotive repair course at a community college.

Susan’s Answer

Great choice!!! Mt son attened Vo-tech during HS and than went to a technology school that specifies in automotive training. He is now a heavy equipment-Diesle mechanic!!! He siad the best part of a trade sschool is the hands on training!!! Good luck !!!!