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I want to become a Veterinarian but i don't know which to choose, practitioner or Tech? what do you think?

because I'm not sure so just for clarification. #animalmedicine #veterinary #veterinary-technician #veterinary-medicine #veterinarian

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3 answers

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Alice’s Answer

A veterinarian is the same as a veterinary practitioner, which means that person has gone to veterinary school and received a doctorate in veterinary medicine (DVM or VMD depending on the school). Veterinarians diagnose diseases, prescribe drugs, and do surgeries.

A veterinary technician is someone who assists the veterinarian and does much of the routine hands-on work (animal restraint, blood draws, and other minor procedures) but does not do the tasks veterinarians do listed above. Technicians can either be uncertified or certified (meaning they have gone to a technical school to learn these hands on skills), which will influence their level of responsibility, types of tasks they get to do, and pay grade. When a veterinary technician chooses to become a veterinarian, the only way to do so it to go to Vet school.

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Courtney’s Answer

These are very different choices. To become a veterinarian you must first get your Bachelor's Degree, and then apply for Vet School to get your DVM. so it takes 8-9 years of college to become a veterinarian = $240,000+ in tuition/books/etc. and you can expect your salary to be $70,000-$120,000+.

You can become a Vet Tech 2 years at a Jr/community college, taking Vet Tech focused classes = $6,000 in tuition/books/etc. and you can expect your income to be $25,000-$30,000.

To help you make your decision, you might consider volunteering at your local vet clinic.

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Sarah’s Answer

Both allow you to work closely with animals. One of the biggest differences is the amount of schooling required to become a vet ( 4 Years undergrad with focus on sciences and 4 years of. Vet school) . It is very difficult to get into vet school so you really have to be motivated and do well in school especially the sciences. To become a technician you can go to a tech school which can vary from 1-2 years. And you do not have to go to college in order to get into a technician program.

Good luck!