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Any scholarships out there for me?

I am entering UC San Diego fall of 2017 latinawomenwriters scholarship financial-aid scholarships

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3 answers

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Katie’s Answer

Congrats on your admission to UC San Diego! I'd recommend searching for scholarships online that are specific to you - whether it be your intended major, family background, state you're from, etc. Ask your upperclassmen friends or your family network to find out what scholarships they've applied to and had success with. You could also go into the university's advising office to see what they recommend applying to. Good luck!!
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Manasa’s Answer

Hi Ilda! I think UCSD has scholarships for returning students and you'd be able to apply as a current student halfway through the year. I recommend asking the scholarships office!
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Karla’s Answer


You should look into Hispanic college fund. They have a lot of scholarships available for Latinos.