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Aukai E. Aug 09, 2016 976 views

As a student in highschool, many doors (internships) seems shut. What are you r recommendations for a highschool student who wants to get an internship at a consulting firm?

More so for next summer, I would like to intern at a consulting firm so that I might learn about what it takes (experience and education wise) to come back and get a job post-degree. business higher-education consulting...


Viktoriya R.’s Avatar
Viktoriya R. Aug 19, 2016 1122 views

How to transition from a tax accountant to management consulting?

I have worked as a tax preparer for 6 years at a small boutique accounting firm. My experience includes small business consultation from company registration to licensing to dissolution. I am currently obtaining my Masters in Finance and plan to sit for the CPA license. Any advise to make the...

consulting accounting management-consulting tax

Bridget S.’s Avatar
Bridget S. Feb 24, 2017 911 views

What are the differences between Finance and Accounting majors?

What is the differentiating material and curriculum that makes the distinction? A compare and contrast/ pros con list would be appreciated business finance accounting cpa...


Esther C.’s Avatar
Esther C. Mar 14, 2017 3702 views

Besides a high GPA, what extracurricular or activities do the big 4 firms like to see?

As an accounting major, my target dream employer is of course the big 4 firms. I was told recently that grades are the first thing that they look at before even considering everything else, so I am shifting gear to focus on that. However, I am now wondering what sort of extracurricular or...

cpa employment accounting big-4 college-recruiting

Sarah C.’s Avatar
Sarah C. Aug 31, 2017 798 views

Best way to apply for scholarships

I'm a current college student and I'm finding hard to pay for the rest of my time at school. What's the best way to find scholarships that actually will help me. I've come so far and don't want to give up my dream yet. dreams scholarship scholarships college...


Lauren L.’s Avatar
Lauren L. Sep 01, 2017 551 views

How do I apply for scholarships efficiently?

I feel like searching for scholarships can make me fall into a never ending pit where I am barely even finding many. How do I apply for many scholarships in one sitting and how can I actually earn scholarships? scholarships financial-planning...