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Culinary Arts career in a small town?

I come from a small town in Ohio which consists, mostly, of farms and forest. What types of jobs should I keep an eye out for when looking for a place to advance my career? #cooking #culinary #culinary-arts #culinary-management #small-business

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2 answers

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Eula’s Answer

Good news about food... People need it everyday. But its available everywhere.
Your cooking must be more delicious than anyone else's
How many people live in your town. if its less than 50.000 I would say you can have a pretty good business.

Food is perishable, so buy what is needed every 4 days only. and have them delivered to you.
Start practicing at home. You need to figure out sauces, temperatures and cooking methods
You also need to learn cost factoring, menu design, and restaurant design.
You must learn about beverages and you must decide how upscale or simple your restaurant would be.
MacDonalds is a restaurant, Do you like the idea? or do you prefer fancier types of food and places?

Hope this helps, start cooking, this is the best way to start.

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Rohit’s Answer

Hi Zachary,

Depending on the size of the town you are from, you could open a small bakery, diner ,a take away outlet or food truck depending on the population size and investment you can go for. A critical decision in the food business, is the location of the outlet for that would ensure that your outlet has visibility.

Hope this answers.