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how to be more focused on school?

How can I stop being so lazy and take action in more of my school work

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2 answers

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Vamshee鈥檚 Answer

Hey there! 馃槉 Overcoming laziness is something we all should work on to become the best version of ourselves. The secret to beating laziness is learning how to manage our time effectively and study smarter rather than harder. Just dive in and give it a try! Remember, this can truly help us grow and succeed in life.

Here are some tips to help you stop being lazy:
1. Set Goals 馃幆
2. Motivate yourself 馃専
3. Focus on the rewards of your achievements 馃弳
4. Create a timetable 鈴
5. Remove distractions 馃毇
6. Stick to the plan 馃挭
7. Take breaks 馃嵉
8. Reward yourself 馃巵
9. Seek help if needed 馃
10. Meditate 馃鈥嶁檧锔
11. Eat healthily 馃ウ
12. Sleep well 馃挙

And to stay focused, you can:
1. Actively participate in class discussions 馃棧锔
2. Listen attentively 馃憘
3. Take notes 馃摑
4. Review the material 馃摎
5. Eliminate distractions 馃摰
6. Keep your future goals in mind 馃殌

I hope these tips work for you and help you on your journey. Good luck and have fun chasing your goals! 馃槃
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Share a link to this answer

Lorraine鈥檚 Answer

Hi Kevin,
Vamshee gave you some excellent suggestions on how to increase your focus at school. You might want to ask yourself what is the main trigger or cause that makes you feel lazy and not do your schoolwork. As an example, if it is a distraction preventing you from being focused, you might want to remove it; set a goal to concentrate on your work for a certain time period, then reward yourself. Set goals on what days you will be focused, when you will take breaks, and how you will reward yourself. Start with small, manageable goals and increase them as you see results. Even small changes can make a big difference.