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Shyanne Jun 15, 2023 358 views

How to manage my anxiety and stress levels ?

How to manage my mental health and physical health

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Karizayeye Jun 20, 2023 428 views

How did you combat imposter syndrome as a new-graduate nurse? #spring23

I am a senior nursing student in the BSN program at CSUSB and I look forward to my rotation in the critical care unit. ICU/Critical care has been an area of interest coming into the nursing arena, however I appreciate it’s rigorous training, being a specialty field, and therefore feeling of...

Josue’s Avatar
Josue Jun 19, 2023 305 views

How is the nursing life?

i want to go into nursing but i also am at a clash with another career. i want to know how it is and how work/home life is nursing would be my top pick

Angelica’s Avatar
Angelica Jun 09, 2023 408 views

When can I start applying for colleges since I’m going to be a senior next year ?

Hello, I’m 17 years old soon I’m going to be a senior, when can I Start applying for nursing classes in order to get my Register Nurse diploma from a community college because I was planning to start applying early. I’m not for sure if I can start applying to colleges for nursing or start...

Erwin’s Avatar
Erwin Jun 14, 2023 415 views

In what way can I better my chances in medical school?

I am wondering as to how I can advance my chances to getting into med school, what internships, part time jobs, and other such work experiences can help with that?

CareerVillage Office Hours’s Avatar
CareerVillage Office Hours Jun 09, 2023 483 views

What do you feel was the best form of studying to pass your tests ?

I'm interested in becoming a critical care nurse.

Note: this question was asked anonymously by a student

CareerVillage Office Hours’s Avatar
CareerVillage Office Hours Jun 14, 2023 344 views

Is it realistic for a Bronx girl with “Bronx education” to try to become a nurse?

I’m a senior in high school. I am planning on going to bmcc and majoring in undeclared health so I can hopefully get into the nursing program. I'm scared that the pre-reqs will be hard

Note: this question was asked anonymously by a student

Omar’s Avatar
Omar Jun 05, 2023 249 views

Is there any room and chance for job advancement and hiring in the medical assistant position?

i am new in the medical field at San Jose Job Corps

Tiffanie’s Avatar
Tiffanie Jun 08, 2023 517 views

How do I become an Expert?

How does one go from a student to an expert, and what are strategies that you use to help retain information necessary for your expertise?

Sheena’s Avatar
Sheena May 31, 2023 407 views

Nurses: What is the environment like where you work?


Mariam’s Avatar
Mariam Jun 04, 2023 492 views

What are the ups and downs about being a nurse ?

Interested in becoming a nurse

Mariam’s Avatar
Mariam May 26, 2023 1351 views

What are the benefits of going to a community college for nursing?

I'm a 12th grader going into BMCC to start my nursing course, for those who have also attended community colleges and went into nursing what was it like?

Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin May 09, 2023 267 views

how to be more focused on school?

How can I stop being so lazy and take action in more of my school work

Nelly’s Avatar
Nelly May 13, 2023 730 views

What is the difference between a Midwife and a Labor and Delivery Nurse?


I need help finding out what the main difference between these two careers are so I can better decide what to pursue if not Obstetrics.

Thank you!

Yissairy’s Avatar
Yissairy May 22, 2023 435 views

How do people find their dream job?

Making research and investigating type of things that u feel attracted or like.