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What is the best college to attend for Psychiatric Nursing?

My name is Viadella, I'm in 9th grade, and I want to major in Psychology. I've been interested in Psychiatric Nursing since my uncle was diagnosed with schizophrenia.
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Hello! Your initial nursing degree, ASN or BSN, will be in general nursing. You can't specialize in psychiatry in these programs, but you will have a short course and clinical in psychiatric nursing. To specialize in psych, you can become certified (RN-BC) and/or you can go back to school for your masters (MSN) and become a psychiatric nurse practitioner. For your ASN or BSN, choose a school with a strong reputation, high NCLEX pass scores, and good clinical placements rather than trying to figure out which is the best for psych nursing. You do not have to get a major in psychology and do nursing as the nursing program will cover basic psychology.
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