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Abby Jan 16, 2018 425 views

What would be the most difficult unit to work in in a children’s hospital?

I know that it will be hard to see children in pain while working in a hospital, but what units would be the most challenging to deal with? #nursing #workinginahospital

Kelli’s Avatar
Kelli Jan 16, 2018 539 views

What are the best ways to stand out as a new grad nurse?

I am curious what employers want to see as far as experience, community service, and past work experiences from a new grad nurse. Also are there any clubs that really stand out that can help me land a position on a labor and delivery unit.

#nursing #labor-and-delivery

Kaylee’s Avatar
Kaylee Sep 01, 2017 476 views

Is Pediatric Endocrinology Nursing a good field to concerning going into?

#nursing #typeonediabetes

Katlyn’s Avatar
Katlyn Feb 10, 2017 545 views

Where are there a lot of pediatricians?

Because I wanna know where I would have to work #nursing

monserrat ’s Avatar
monserrat Sep 01, 2017 796 views

how can I get more money for college?

Hey, I really want to go to college. I wanna be better and have a better future, but I'm not sure I will have enough money what can I do? #nurse #nursepractitioner

Emily’s Avatar
Emily May 15, 2016 888 views

If I wanted to become a prosthetist, what should I major in for under grad?

I've considered becoming a prosthetist, but that is only offered at the Master's level. What type of undergrad major should I be looking to get to go on for grad school for prosthetics? #health #prosthetics #veterans #orthotics #hospital #medicine #college #hospital-and-health-care

Ronni’s Avatar
Ronni Sep 01, 2017 662 views

What can I do to increase my chances of acceptance into a nurse practitioner program?

I am interested in becoming a nurse practitioner; what are some things I can do to increase my chances of getting accepted into good programs?

#nursing #registered-nurses #nurse-practitioner

Brittney’s Avatar
Brittney Sep 01, 2017 679 views

Is it hard to become a travel nurse?

I am planning on majoring in nursing and getting my bachelors degree, becoming a travel nurse. What steps do I need to take to become a one?

#nursing #traveling

Claire’s Avatar
Claire Sep 01, 2017 824 views

What does it take to become an ER nurse?

I am interested in possibly becoming an er nurse but am curious if it involves more or less schooling than an RN #nurse #emergency-medicine #nursing #hospital-and-health-care

Amy’s Avatar
Amy May 21, 2016 839 views

I know that I want to be a health professional, but how do I narrow down to a specific health profession?

I have always enjoyed biomed and health, but I have no idea what health profession I should pursue. #doctor #nursing #pediatrician #biomedical

Elsie’s Avatar
Elsie Sep 29, 2017 684 views

If my goal is to be LPN what should I do now to prepare?

I am asking "what can I do to become a LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse)? " because I've been really interested in that career path #nursing

Huy’s Avatar
Huy May 20, 2016 873 views

Considering surgery usually last hours, How do professional surgeons keep there composure for all that time, especially in a life or death situation? What type of pre-planning is put in place?

I plan on becoming a Neuro surgeon. And I have no idea how the surgical process is taken place. I just know the general idea. #masters-degree #doctorate #surgery #hospital-and-health-care #medicine

Deana’s Avatar
Deana May 25, 2016 694 views

Are hospitals now only taking certified RN's that have a bachelors degree?

After doing a paid internship at Yale New Haven Hospital my junior year of high school, I overheard the nurse manager saying that hospitals are starting to require that nursing school graduates have a bachelors degree to get hired. I am wondering if this is true? #medicine #nursing #professor...

Heather’s Avatar
Heather Sep 01, 2017 579 views

How many years does it take to get a NP license?

After attaining a bachelor's degree, how many more years of training and school should I expect to attain a Nurse Practitioner license? #nursing #nurse #medicine

Sara’s Avatar
Sara May 13, 2016 1030 views

Is it better to get my Nurse practitioner or physicians assistant?

After I graduate with a nursing degree I want to go on and get either my NP or PA. Not sure which is better to get. #medicine #nurse #healthcare #physician #nurse-practitioner #doctor #hospital-and-health-care