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What kind of jobs will I be able to find after college if I acquire a Chemistry degree?

I am just wondering if my degree will be useful. #job #chemistry #degree

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Farid’s Answer

Degrees do not really mean too much in a job environment unless you are absolutely determined to pursue a very technical career path as a Chemist for instance. Do not confuse this with the 'degrees are not important'. I think they are immensely important as getting a degree allows you to go through the rigour of a tough programme, make friends and start to operate in a sphere outside of your home picking up all sorts of important life skills along the way.
I graduated as a Chemical Engineer and have worked with Lego, Schlumberger, Accenture and now run my own Educational Gaming studio. The important thing today is to be equipped with the skills to think, interrogate and innovate! Many of the courses I did, like Organic Chemistry or Physical Chemistry were in common with the folks in the Chemistry department. I had one friend who had done a degree in Chemistry and ended up as an executive in a Chemicals Company. I always believe that it is important to consider a well rounded education for me that includes creative courses also. Its too bad there is no course called 'Creative Chemistry' where you learn to play around with chemicals to create new materials. There is lots to explore please just do not confine yourself to looking only at Chemistry and if that is your passion then great...find a way to use Chemistry in a non-traditional way. Did you for a second think that even making coffee is Chemistry! Wish you all the best.