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Is it possible to do medical school in Cuba?

I want to be a surgeon and want to see if it would be possible to go to Cuba for medical school. My only concern is if I would be able to transfer these credits to make sure I can do my residency and work in the United States afterward. #surgeon #medicalschool- #medical-school #residency #residence-life #medicine

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Naiara’s Answer

Hi Osiris,

I do not have information specifically regarding medicine in Cuba, however, medical students can do medical school abroad and come to the United States for their residency training and work. They are called “International Medical Graduates”. If you decide to pursue this route, be aware that there will be a few challenges: 1. You will need to take the American USMLE steps, which are standardized tests taken by US medical students and used for residency admission; 2. It may be much more difficult for you to match into a competitive specialty or competitive residency program if you are not trained in the US; 3. Medicine is practiced very differently in other countries compared to the US, keep that in mind as well; 4. Consider language barriers. I hope this helps some!