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What is a good minor with a Public Relations major?

Deciding if I want a minor for my PR major or just stick with PR major. I can't minor in Advertising, Journalism or anything similar but the University won't let me do that. I'm definitely always liked event planning, and always been interested in art. #college-minor #public-relations #marketing

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Hi Gaia, I would recommend reviewing all your possible minors, reviewing what you are interested in doing after college, and meeting with your adviser. 1) It sounds like there are a few minors you would be interested in, but can't complete due to conflict with you major. So, make a list of what you can do! By actually compiling a list of the minors you can complete you'll start to narrow in on what on that list actually interests you. 2) After creating a list of the minors that you can complete and are interested in, I would recommend putting that list away and thinking just about yourself. Is there a career path you've always wanted or something you've just always found naturally appealing? Do your best to discover what you are interested in and what you want in the future. 3) I would recommend that you set up a time to meet with your adviser and show them what you have worked on. Show them the list of minors you could potentially complete and then talk about your interests. Advisers have been guiding students for years and will have a good idea of how to connect your passion to your minor. Best of luck, I hope you find the right minor for you and your interests!
Last updated Nov 10 '17 at 13:12
Hi Gia, I think its fantastic when you graduate with a degree!!! A minor in Art or Event Planning will unlikely help you in the job market. You should consider pursuing certifications and licenses that would make you more marketable; for example; Project Management Certification or a Real Estate license. There are many others, and the benefit/cost is much more. Of course, relevant internships and volunteer work opportunities should also be part of your resume.
Last updated Nov 29 '17 at 09:55
Minors are great because they allow you to expand into areas outside your major that you might be interested in. I'd ask yourself, would you like to build upon the skills needed for PR jobs, or are looking to expand into other areas? If the former, something like communications would work, or the latter a business or international studies minor would work as well!
Last updated Nov 10 '17 at 14:04
You could look into Communications or Marketing!
Last updated Nov 10 '17 at 13:31
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