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What is better as an intended minor to help increase the amount of experience for a marketing job.

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I want to be able to get the best real life experience for a career in marketing to be able to grow quickly. #marketing
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5 answers

Joe’s Answer


Hi Roberto! Very good question - Nowadays, depending on your skills or interest, there are quite a few different 'subsets' of Marketing Roles in organizations that you can choose from or evolve into at an organization. These range from: Public Relations, Communications, Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Marketing Project Management.

If you are interested in the more 'creative' aspects of Marketing [Such as Public Relations, Content, or Inbound Marketing] , a Major in Business Management with a Minor in Journalism would be extremely helpful in these types of roles where content creation and creativity are key. See some top skills for Content Marketing here: https://neilpatel.com/blog/4-skills-to-look-for-when-hiring-a-content-marketer/.

If you're looking for a more 'technical' role where you deal with marketing technology or analytics, a Minor in Business Analytics or Technology/Computer Sciences would be immensely helpful to set you apart from your peers with technical skills.

For a more traditional Marketing Communications role, a blend of degrees and studies in Business Management and Communications or Business Communications would make you well suited for this path.

Personally, for example, my career path evolved from studying Business Management with a Minor in Communications in College. From there, I started off with internships in Marketing roles at non-profit organizations/charities. My first 'real job' out of college was as a Marketing Assistant, then a Marketing Specialist where I wrote content for emails, social media, our website, and worked on events and communications. After that, due to my experience in some of the more digital aspects of Marketing Communications as well as project management with social, email, and automation tools, I was promoted to a position as Digital Marketing Manager. In this role, I was able to really expand to a whole new area of technical marketing such as building marketing technology processes and tools across our business.

Joe recommends the following next steps:

  • Determine where your overall skills lie - are you more creative, technical, or great at project management? Answering this question will help you determine how you want to narrow your studies and career path.
  • Think about what types of organizations you'd like to work for - do you want to be in non-profits like charities, foodbanks, and community organizations? Or do you want to work for large corporations?
  • Follow blogs and websites that are 'thought leaders' in different aspects of Marketing , such as : Hubspot's blog for Content and Inbound Marketing, or Moz for Digital Marketing.

Alice’s Answer

Updated Houston, Texas

Hi Roberto,

I would suggest any minor related to graphic design or digital. Any knowledge and experience in graphic design would be a plus since many companies search for marketers that are also able to design. Also, a lot of marketing jobs ask for knowledge and/or experience in digital marketing/communications (social media, community management, digital ads, etc.). Additionally, I would recommend to try to get some internships in the marketing field, as much as you can. That's what will help you to develop experience in marketing, and boost your resume.

Good luck!

Caitlyn’s Answer

Updated Minneapolis, Minnesota


Great question! This can totally depend on the type of Marketing you'd like to go into. If you're thinking more along the lines of Advertising / communications type marketing, I'd definitely recommend Communications minor. If you're thinking you'd like to do Marketing Sales, it may not hurt to have some sort of finance skills in your pocket as well. You just need to determine where you see yourself in Marketing and go from there!

Caitlyn recommends the following next steps:

  • Self reflect on future goals
  • Look at the minors available
  • Decide what interests you and go from there!

Kim’s Answer

Updated Nipomo, California

Hi Roberto,

You have been given some excellent advice already. One additional thought to consider is to gain insight into your true strengths. One of my favorite methods is StrengthsFinder. The assessment is designed to provide insight into the natural strengths you possess and what that may indicate for your education and career. It also serves as a great reference document as your career evolves. This process may provide some valuable guidance on what minor suites you best.

Kim recommends the following next steps:

  • Take the StrengthsFinder assessment.
  • Review the results for insights into your true strengths and how that helps shape your education and/or career.
  • Use the results as an ongoing reference guide for your education and career options.

Heather’s Answer

Updated Tampa, Florida
Hi Roberto! Most general marketing jobs would benefit from a second language to demonstrate global acumen, communications, business analytics and digital media would all be good minors as well. Good luck!
Agreed, language skills and international experience are valuable.
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