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How many internships is too many?

I am currently a sophomore in college; advertising major and event management minor. I had my first internship at a small marketing/ad agency last summer and have been working there part time ever since. I'm happy to be working in my industry already and would love to stay with this company trough my college career, but would also love to get more internships under my belt with different agencies/companies. Should I plan for another next summer? Or should I wait until I'm an upper division student? I worry too many internships may be a bad thing but I have no idea. Thanks! #advertising #marketing #internships #undergrad #event-management

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3 answers

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Daniel’s Answer


There really is no cap on the number of internships someone should have, as any work experience is better than none. However, if you decide on doing another internship, I would recommend trying to get one at a mid-size to large company if possible, as networking is key to career success, so if you do know what type of field you want to get into, finding an internship in a company that matches your desired work field will lead to more job opportunities in the future, both from colleagues you meet at the company you're interning at, and also given it will boost your professional resume.

Cheers, and best of luck with your studies!

Too many internships is never a bad idea, however, you are more likely to succeed by honing in on one organization, and directing your energy to whichever internship opportunity you are most passionate about. As a recent graduate, I have heard time and time again that experience is what recruiters find most valuable, and I believe it would be best in your position to spend more time interning at one company, rather than completing multiple internships. Best of luck to you on your journey! Donald Oliva

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Julia’s Answer

Too many internships is never a bad thing. When I was in college I had at least 7 in various fields, company types, and positions.

I would always encourage for gaining as much experience as possible, but if your options are to remain at your current place or move on to another internship, you're still gaining experience.

If you do have multiple internships, it is important to be able to explain and "sell" this when discussing them later on (i.e. interviews). On paper you might have 3-5 internships that vary in role, company type, etc. How do your internships connect, even if they seem very different? How did this set of internships shape who are you and your future goals?

Personally, I had a wide range of internships, and on paper it looked like a mess. But once I told the story of how I got from Point A to Point B, people were interested in hearing more.

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Christan’s Answer

I wouldn't worry as long as it adds and builds to your story. If you were randomly collecting internships that made no sense it might raise someone to question why you did what you did on your CV.

More experience it always better!