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Are the education programs for a medical assistant similar to nursing?

I'm a senior in high school and I want to know if the tasks for being a medical assistant is similar to being a nurse. #nursing #medicine #healthcare #hospital #physicians-assistant #medicine-assistant

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2 answers

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Daniela’s Answer

Hi Darby,

MA and nurses are both responsible for preventing the spread of infection and illness by providing patients with a clean environment where they receive their care. This includes changing bed linens, cleaning non-disposable equipment and disinfecting areas that are shared by patients.

Although they share some similar job duties there are a large number of differences between the duties performed by a medical assistant and those performed by a nurse. MA are typically assigned a variety of responsibilities including patient care and administrative duties.

Job duties for nurses typically focus on patient care and include a minimal amount of administrative duties. Medical assistants follow a doctor’s orders and only perform the type of care expressed directly by the physician. Nurses also follow doctor’s order; however they are also trained to write patient care plans.

Another difference in job duties for MA and nurses include administrative duties. MA often perform administrative duties such as scheduling patients, answering telephones and medical billing. Administrative duties performed by nurses include documenting a patient’s condition and writing care plans.

Salary is a category in which there are significant differences. On average, medical assistants earn $21,000–$31,000 per year. The salary earned by MA is typically based on the training, experience and job duties assigned by the employer. Nursing salaries are dependent upon the education and type of degree. Licensed practical nurses on average earn $31,000-$43,000 per year. Registered nurses earn an average yearly salary $47,000-$69,000.

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Angela’s Answer

Schooling to become a nurse typically takes 4 years. Schooling to become an MA is typically 6 mo- 1 yr. MA work in doctor office or clinics. Nurses can work in hospitals, surgery centers, clinics and doctors offices and have a much larger scope of practice than MA’s.