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What should I pursue?

I've always had trouble figuring out who I wanted to be and am always changing what it is that I really want to do. One reason why its so difficult is because I've never found anything that incorporates all my skills and passions because they're just so diverse. To give a bit more insight I love the arts and have acted, drawn, and written books. Most of these things are for fun but I've been told I'm good at them even from actual judges and artists. I also love to talk to people and help others which is why I've wanted to be a therapists (I've also had an experience myself with depression and feel that my experience helps me connect to others). I've been told that I'm a comforting person but then I've also been told I'm a strong speaker from people I'm very close with and know me best. I love to learn about philosophy and history as well as justice which has lead many to believe I should be a social justice lawyer. I'm in high school now and it's so much more frustrating because I don't want to flip flop when I'm in college but I don't know what to do. I know all these things about myself and yet at the same time there's so much I don't. Does anybody have any resources or recommendations into things I should look into. I don't need exact answers but even directing me to a website/ book would really help! #art #philosophy #law #college-counseling #career-counseling

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2 answers

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Kristina’s Answer

I initially wanted to start my education into becoming a Veterinarian, then was advised that Nursing was more lucrative and sustaining, and ultimately chose last minute in Graphic Design. The truth is if you want a career you won't regret money wise you have to choose courses/majors in the sciences or businesses. But in the end it goes to who you know and how you choose to use your time. Pick stuff that you find fun, whether it's for the day or years, and find out if it's the route you like by talking to people in the field or who teach it. The best part about being young is that there are many opportunities to try new things. I had a friend who changed her major 5+ times in college. Yes she took more time in school because she didn't know what she wanted but at the same time she has knowledge in a spectrum of information which makes her relatable to more clientele and interviewers. Oh, and do not think school is the only thing you should be doing. Make sure to take an internship or job in anything you find interesting and might be a potential field to you because employers want experience and degrees; usually 2+ years experience. Don't freak out too much over what you should or could be doing. Take your mandatory courses and basically shop around until something screams to you that not only will you be talented in this but you'll enjoy that profession. And remember there is always plan B...become an entrepreneur. It could be you can't find the right occupation because it doesn't exsist yet.

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Col Sen’s Answer

Hello Victoria,

Very interesting and at the same time difficult to answer as there exists 'none' confirmatory answer. It varies from person to person, situation to situation, like you are in a developed economy and a different time (age). I would take our time and the situation that I belonged. I am from India with descent family background and in early eighties we had only few career options (not like today) : only Engineering/medical /Teaching or government job or something like this. But if nothing works out, lawyer used to be the last option (sorry, if I am offending anyone) ... but I wanted to be a student of English and Sanskrit literature. What it turned out finally is altogether a different story..and mind you, I didn't have any control over it. It kept on happening and I followed the situations as they came by like a good student or may be this was the best choice I had at that time in my life. I started my career as a teacher of physics in a senior school, quickly moved onto soldiering ..then became a corporate leader...and now again a teacher/consultant/author. Trust me, I never thought or imagined that my life will be this way.In fact, it appears to me that as if somebody has designed it and that was/is best for me for this life as we believe in rebirth....like Budhha took many births and finally attained Nirvana as Budhha. Believe me, this is the story for everyone...whether he/she accepts or otherwise. So, relax and don't bother much about it.

If you believe in destiny and karma then possibly you will understand what I meant. Does that mean you should do nothing....No! I don't mean that way. All that I want to say do your best in whatever you are doing, say you are in school...do well in your studies whichever subject you are pursuing. Also continue enjoying your work for the society you wish to do. May be Psychology is a good bet for you, if you like the subject as it appears to me that you are very caring. If you be a psychologist/ or medical doctor in psychiatry, you will be able to help many. Lastly have faith in yourself, and god (if you believe) or believe in nature as everything cometh from nature... that your wish is coming, it's en route...and sure enough it will happen!

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In case if you can read The Gita, specially second chapter. Then possibly you will understand the fallacy of 'Doership" concept.