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What is the main purpose of a sports engineer ?

I am in 10th grade and I am very interested in being a sports engineer. I would like to know additional information on sports engineers in general. Some of my favorite classes include science, gym, history, etc. As a hobby I play soccer, and overall I'm very much into sports.

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1 answer

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Aisha’s Answer

Hello Josh,

Sports engineering is a fascinating field where the marvels of engineering are employed to tackle challenges in the world of sports. This could involve creating innovative sports gear, constructing state-of-the-art sports facilities, scrutinizing athlete performance, establishing performance and safety benchmarks, and even devising advanced coaching and training tools.

To set sail on this exciting career voyage in sports engineering, you'll need to arm yourself with an advanced degree. While sports engineering might not be a standalone bachelor's degree offered by engineering schools, there's a plethora of other study areas that can endow you with the required knowledge and skills. These range from mechanical engineering and industrial design to bioengineering and materials science.

Here's a list of potential study fields that could pave your way into sports engineering:
- Mechanical Engineering
- Physics
- Medical Physics
- Sports Medicine

Best of luck on your thrilling journey ahead. Remember, the world of sports engineering awaits your unique contribution!