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What are the universities which declared fake by the UGC?

Updated Kota, Rajasthan, India

want to know about fake universities #college #university #higher-education #india

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Parmod’s Answer

Updated New Delhi, Delhi, India

Hi there, here are some links that you can follow to get the information that you are seeking.

  1. http://www.srmuniversity.ac.in/blog/tag/ugc-approved-universities-in-india/
  2. https://www.ugc.ac.in/privatuniversity.aspx
  3. https://www.ugc.ac.in/oldpdf/consolidated%20list%20of%20All%20universities.pdf
  4. https://www.ugc.ac.in/stateuniversity.aspx
  5. http://iccr.gov.in/sites/default/files/ugcunivs.pdf
  6. https://www.eduvidya.com/UGC-Recognized-Universities-in-India

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  • You can read following these links and get the information. It is good to work with a well extablished university or you

Vinodkumar’s Answer

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Hello Shalini,

You can find the list of the universities declared fake by UGC in the link below:


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Kortnee’s Answer

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Hello, Shalini!

Found below is the link to the UGC website which provides information regarding fake universities.


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