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What degree would you need to have to be a teens behavioral therapist?

I am asking this question because everyone keeps telling me that i need a doctorate and others are telling me all i need is a master's degree #therapy #therapist #teenagers #behavior #behavioral-health

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2 answers

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Gary’s Answer

Please be cautious listening to what others tell you, especially if they are not in the field. I am not a Therapist, never have been but, I do know a little about this field. Here is a good link on job/education requirements for Therapists:

Typically a Masters degree is good for this field, it does depend on the agency and job you are applying for however. Therapy does require licensing and practical experience gained during internships.
Good luck!

Thank you :) Cristian R.

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Karri’s Answer

I am a licensed psychologist, and considered this same question when I was in school. You do not need to have a doctorate in order to be a mental health therapist. You do need a Master's degree. Plus about two to three years of post graduate experience in order to obtain a license as a therapist. The doctorate degree is for those individuals who desire to learn more, go into a place of employment that requires that level of degree, or someone who believes that they want to work in a private practice that would acquire a certain level of patients.