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What is the best way to get your music to the public and start signing with music studios, rappers, vocalists,ect

hello, i am Caleb and i love to produce music, whether it is by my self at my computer making music or hanging out with friends being in the so called "Stu"(my room) making beats, but i am having trouble getting my name out there and finding people to collaborate with.
Thank you
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2 answers

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Rafailia’s Answer

Hi Caleb,

The first thing is doing what you do now.To get your name out there is get your music to as many social media as you can (youtube,soundcloud,spotify,facebook etc.) and spread the music. Also, you can send as many emails as you can to musicians that you would like to collaborate and you never know.If you are in a place that you can audition or send a demo,do it.If you can make an album and send it to managers and agents,also that.Try to connect with your local scene if there is any, and go do some gigs.If there is not, try it with the nearest place possible or do online live shows. Go to your local music studio and record there.Ask for their help as well.Also, there are sites with posts from bands or musicians that want to connect in many cities and countries and facebook groups that do that as well.

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Drew’s Answer

Hi Caleb!

I would suggest looking into DJ-ing as a way to get your music heard in public. DJ arts are very easy to learn and the barriers to entry keep getting knocked down. In the DJ world today, being a DJ-producer is suggested as a way to distinguish yourself from the pack. If you develop a unique sound to your DJ sets, including your music you made as well as similar music, you can also remix music by using vocal acapellas, isolated components of tracks, etc. Plus being a DJ is super fun. The club or festival is a great target. Support places you think your music might fit, by attending and getting to know the crews and DJs, bartenders, etc. There might be open deck nights, or you might even propose one. You can get an opening set or early-night opportunity, and build from there. See DigitalDJTips.com, DJTechTools.com, Crossfader.com. You'll see a lot of noise about how you need to have "pro gear" ($5k of Pioneer clubworthy stuff) but starting with the computer you already have and even a $75 DJ controller, will teach the basic skills that transfer up to any level of gear.
I am wishing you all the best, and remember, if you are working at your music ten years, you will be an expert by then no question. Or if you do other stuff, something else, for ten years, you will become and expert in that. So I encourage you to do what you enjoy doing.