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What is like being such a well know company for videogames and is it hard?

Updated Kankakee, Illinois

I am asking this because video game creating has always interested me. How such made things flow so well like a movie and run so smooth. #video-games #computer-software #software #software-engineering

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Daniel’s Answer

Updated Seattle, Washington

I don't mean to burst your bubble because if that's really really what you truly want to do, sure. But, be aware that the video game industry on average (especially if you're talking about the large, well known companies) tends to be real grueling compared to the rest of software jobs.

See e.g. https://kotaku.com/crunch-time-why-game-developers-work-such-insane-hours-1704744577

A lot of this is possible because there's a lot of fresh grads who really want to join the video game industry, so they have an unusually large pool to draw from. Thus they don't have to pay as well and can afford to burn people out really fast.

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