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Sean Jan 12, 2018 724 views

What is like being such a well know company for videogames and is it hard?

I am asking this because video game creating has always interested me. How such made things flow so well like a movie and run so smooth. #video-games #computer-software #software #software-engineering

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isaac May 07, 2019 770 views

what can i do for my career to get better at it


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Anina Dec 08, 2018 1052 views

How do I make an impression at my future summer internship?

I’m a junior in college doing a software engineering internship in the upcoming summer. Someone advised me that I should make sure to get great references from this internship. What’s the best way to do that? Should I excel at work? Should I be more friendly? Is there some strategy or practice...

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corey Apr 10, 2019 4318 views

What questions do interviewers ask during an interview for computer science jobs?

Also, what questions should I ask them?
#job-application #career #computer-software #software #programming

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