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What can I do with an English degree?

I don't really want to be a teacher, per se. I love writing and would like to be an author, but how else could I use this degree?
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3 answers

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Sydney’s Answer

I was in the exact same position as you. I had an English Degree and everyone assumed I wanted to be a teacher. I never wanted to be a teacher but really enjoyed English. I looked into getting into the publishing industry. I took a one year course with an internship in publishing and it has opened my eyes to so much that the publishing industry has to offer. I definitely think that for yourself, loving books and writing, this would be a perfect step for you! #publishing #college

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William’s Answer

Best of the Village

Hi Morissa!

Great question, and something that I asked myself many times.

I think the key, with any Degree, is to understand that you may not be working in your field right after you graduate, and that any opportunities may spawn careers or periods of time where you're working in an area that you never thought possible with your background. For example, I graduated with a BFA in English Literature, and worked with Apple and now with PwC. Neither of those jobs utilized my English Degree (like writing or teaching would); however, I use my degree every day in the way I communicate and in the way that I lead my team.

Play to your strengths. If you're an expert communicator, perhaps a career in training/development is something you can do. You may also like leadership and will use the perspective you gained from what you've read to help you lead with more empathy.

The sky is always the limit, so don't limit your career search to: "will this fit in my English Degree?" Take risks, apply for jobs that you may not qualify for completely, and use who you are to your advantage.

William recommends the following next steps:

Schedule conversations with your Professor and guidance councilors to get their perspective on your prospective career options.
Go to a career fair and talk to recruiters about who they're looking for.

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Luisa’s Answer

Your degree is just a stepping stone. I was an English major and now I'm a Marketing Project manager for a software company. I did start off as a Special Education teacher though, interestingly enough. The skills you will learn as an English major are applicable to many things post-college. That being said, if I were to go back and do it over, I would consider some other majors to supplement my English degree such as business or marketing.