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What jobs have you received through mass communication?

Updated Gadsden, Alabama

I applied to colleges under social work, but I want to change to mass communication. I have always loved media and I want to work in that area. I was wondering what jobs people have obtained through their degree. #masscommunication #degree #media #communications #college

2 answers

Isae’s Answer

Updated Oakland, California

There's so much opportunity for different kinds of jobs in communications!

In my career, I started in journalism covering arts and entertainment in college, which was a blast! I then moved to New York to become a business reporter covering the travel industry, which enabled me to travel the world—amazing! I then transitioned to corporate communications and worked at some of the most remarkable companies, including Apple. In my current role, I've transitioned again to Marketing at yet another amazing company. You can go anywhere with a degree in communications. It depends on your interests.

Isae recommends the following next steps:

  • If you're in high school, research colleges that are known for specializing in communications. This will pay off when it comes time for you to look for a job :))
  • If you're in college already, do everything you can to get an internship that's related to communications. Even if it's not exactly what you think you want, that experience is everything when it comes time to look for a job.

Angela’s Answer

Updated Birmingham, Alabama

Hi! I’ve had careers in television, radio, social media and print. I was a TV and radio anchor, then transitioned into public relations, marketing and nonprofits. The sky truly is the limit based on your passions and what aspect of mass comm interests you. The best way to find out is to shadow people in the field.