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College advice for someone with Asperger's?

I've been recently diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome and I was just hoping for some advice on how to get through college and how to deal with real life with this. Advice on how to deal with sensory sensitivities in the real world is especially appreciated. #college-advice #college #health #special-needs

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2 answers

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Richard’s Answer

Go to class. Plan to spend 2-3 hours studying for every hour of lecture. Attend your professor's office hours and any TA review sessions. If there is a test bank, use that as a study tool to understand what your professor wants you to focus on for the test.

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Natalie’s Answer

Hi Meghan,

It is great to hear you are about to start an exciting new journey and are looking for different ways to connect with resources that can help you be successful. I highly encourage you to connect with your university’s “disability” or “ability success” resource center. They can help connect you with resources and tools and be source to talk to. I also recommend you connect with your university’s career center who can help coach you on things like applying to jobs, mock interviews, how to talk to professors and employers, how to find an internship, and more. Of course, you will also likely have an academic adviser who can help you navigate your major, other requirements and what classes to take. You may want to connect with some clubs or groups to find like minded idividuals who may have some shared interests with you. You will do great! Best of luck to you and take advantage of the many resources and offices all around you! Advisers are there to support you and help you reach your goals. Perhaps you can start by doing a google search for these different resources at your university.

Take care.