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What is the best way to get involved on campus?

I want to get involved on campus but don't know how #college #student #help #on-campus #extracurricular

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2 answers

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Herman’s Answer

Hi Michaela,

There are many ways to be involved while in college. I personally joined a fraternity my second year, was part of a volunteering organization, and worked in several research laboratories. Many universities have people flyering and bulletin boards with activities. Look out for them and see what you like and go for it!


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Simeon’s Answer

There are usually campus living staff on college campus that help organize residential life and events. While they don't usually run on-campus organizations, they are very connected with student leadership and be able to point you in the direction of organizations that you'd be a good fit for. Also, if you're able to be on campus, keep an eye out for messenger boards and flyers.