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Is research needed in college

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I want to become a doctor and apply to medical school

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Debra’s Answer

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Hi Kennedy - Most undergraduate programs do not include research courses. There are exceptions of course. There may be courses where you will learn about research - what it is, the different ways in which it's conducted, the research process, etc. But you will probably not have to actually conduct any research of your own - meaning you won't go out and collect data and analyze that data. You will write papers where you will use sources and argue a specific point. But that's writing - and not really "research". Course catalogs - many of which are online - can be viewed to see what courses you will take in a specific degree plan and an overview of what the course is about. They don't show the specifics like a course syllabus does, but you can get a general idea about most of your courses that way. If you want to go to medical school, you'll probably want to look at getting your undergraduate degree in biology or chemistry - or one of the sciences. So you will learn about the research process in those courses. Some students WANT to be involved in research so many colleges have Undergraduate Offices of Research opportunities that help students find research experiences. Many medical school admissions offices look favorably on students who have research experience. The article below discusses the benefits students can get from being involved in research. Best of luck to you!

Debra recommends the following next steps:

  • Article discussing the benefits of research experience as a student. https://www.aacu.org/publications-research/periodicals/undergraduate-research-high-impact-student-experience

Tyreena’s Answer


Hello Kennedy!

This is a great question. It's not required often in most colleges but I highly recommend it for the experience can make you a stronger and more competitive applicant.

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