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What do i neen to become a veterinarian

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2 answers

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Courtney’s Answer

You'll need a Bachelor's Degree and then you'll need to apply to a vet school like Texas A&M. In total, expect to have 8-9 years in college.

Here's the Texas A&M website for their prerequisites.: http://vetmed.tamu.edu/dvm/future/prerequisites

And here are their eligibility requirements:


As soon as you can, find a vet clinic that will let you volunteer or intern there so that you can make sure it's really what you want to do.

Courtney recommends the following next steps:

Visit TAMU's websites: http://vetmed.tamu.edu/dvm/future/prerequisites
Contact local vet clinic for volunteer opportunities

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Todd’s Answer

You will need good grades in high school science courses, experience with a veterinarian or animals (voluteer or employment), admission to an approved undergraduate program where you can complete the prerequsite courses, and the ability to pay via savings, loans, or grants. You can find information on applying to TAMU College of Veterinary Medicine here: http://vetmed.tamu.edu/dvm/future.

Todd recommends the following next steps:

Find several vets in your area, and call them to see if you can visit to "shadow" them for a day. Your high school may have a health sciences corriculum where you can elect to work or visit a vet. Talk to you school counselor or a favorite teacher about what you need. Good luck!