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Does anyone have insight into the TEAS exam?

I'm required to take the TEAS exam to get into nursing school in CA. I'd love to know a bit more about the test from someone who has taken it! #teas #exam #nursing #healthcare #nursing-schools

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3 answers

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Gayle D.’s Answer

Greetings! I have taken the TEAS exam for the Cal State LA nursing school application. I studied for 2 weeks for a few hours a day, and went through the entire ATI preparation book. I am not normally "good" at taking standardized exams, in fact my SAT and GRE scores were barely average. After using ATI's workbook, and focusing for 2 weeks, I was able to score in the 98% percentile. I received an interview for Cal State LA, but ended up taking an offer to another prestigious nursing school. You can do this! Preparation is the key, and staying motivated and focused.

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Sachin’s Answer


I haven't taken it, but here is more information about it:


Hope this helps!

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Yves’s Answer

Hi Joy, I have taken the TEAS 6 to apply for nursing school and my advice is to properly time manage each section and to give your self ample amount of time to study for it. Here and CA some schools only look for the first score so be sure when you're ready to take it. The study materials I have bought was the ATI TEAS prep book, it has helped me tremendously.