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Does Bioinformatics cover more computer science than genetics.

I have a passion for both computer programming and genetics and I am not sure if I should major in one or the other. Does Bioinformatics concentrate more on Computer programming than on genetics?

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2 answers

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Abha’s Answer

Both are great fields and Bioinformatics and Computational Biology are growing areas. What I have understood from experts is that it is really how you want it to be. You can make it more of Genetics or more of Computer Science depending upon where your interests lie. Generally I see the Data Analysis portion of Computer Science being used as the name implies. A good measure of where you want to go is try to do a project in Python and Data Science using any of the available datasets in Genetics. This is will help you understand if you enjoy Data Science or not. Like Biology , Computer Science is also a vast field so it is important to know which area of Computer Science interests you the most.

You can also intern at any of the Bioinformatics lab to get an idea of what it is like to work there. Either way you cant go wrong. Both are great fields of study and together they are even more exciting.

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Nicholas Kipp’s Answer

I've seen researchers and job listings that cover the whole spectrum from a software engineer writing a biology research tool, to a wet lab researcher that also manages the lab's data analysis in R. It's a pretty new career and so it isn't very specifically defined. Take classes in both, major in whichever you like more, and you'll be just fine!