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Katie Jul 28, 2023 423 views

What skills does a career in bioinformatics require?

I love math and I'm interested in biology and computer science. I researched a career in bioinformatics but I'm not fully sure what it's like

Laith’s Avatar
Laith Jan 17, 2018 1092 views

Does Bioinformatics cover more computer science than genetics.

I have a passion for both computer programming and genetics and I am not sure if I should major in one or the other. Does Bioinformatics concentrate more on Computer programming than on genetics?

#bioinformatics #computer-science #genetics #major

DaviD’s Avatar
DaviD Nov 11, 2022 658 views

How to enter into biotech business career with BA in Biology?

A BS in Biology but interested in the business aspect of biotech and pharma, not sure about how to follow/enter into this career path.