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How can I get my work in Android development noticed by prospective users?

I have developed several Android applications (one of which is released on the Google Play Store) but am having trouble acquiring new users. I am looking for ways to increase my user base without spending money on advertising, etc. #android #technology #programming

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3 answers

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Rafael A.’s Answer

You can add it to your signature when you send out an email. Don't make it too pushy, but at the end of your signature you can make a reference to it.

The same can be said of Social Media, when you post something just add it to the end of your post so that people can see it and then they may become more interested in looking at it on the playstore.

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Jordan’s Answer

It's hard to get users. This is why big companies spend a lot of money on all sorts of advertising (print, mail, TV, digital, influencer-marketing). But reaching users without spending money is a good lesson and can still be effective.

Let's first think about how you get new users: first people need to discover your app, then they have to decide to download it.

How people discover your app:
* Search: Users may search for keywords related to your app and then find it. It's important that you understand what keywords lead to your app and your app ranking for those keywords. I've used thetool.io in the past, but there are a lot of options out there.
* Sharing: Users you've already acquired can share the app with other people. This works well for social apps, but wouldn't work well for something like a calculator where people would have little incentive to share.

How people decide to download your app:
* Ratings / Reviews: Try prompting engaged users to review your app - this will increase your overall rating. This will also help your app ranking for search results and also help your app show up on the "Similar apps" or "You might also like" sections in the Play Store listings for other apps.
* Screenshots: Take good screenshots and maybe try adding text so that users immediately see that they can accomplish what they want to do with your app.
* Description: A user should be able to quickly understand if this app is what they want.

Keeping all that in mind, the best things you can do to get more users are to improve your search ranking, enable easy social sharing (if this is relevant to your app), get good ratings for your app, and make sure you have a quality Play Store listing for your app. All of these things will take time and effort, so take some time to reflect on the current state of these aspects of your app and what will have the biggest impact if you improve it.

Jordan recommends the following next steps:

Improve search ranking for relevant keywords (read up on SEO)
Enable easy social sharing (only if relevant for your app)
Prompt engaged users to review your app
Make a quality Play Store listing for your app

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Andreas’s Answer

You have to get the buzz going about it, so that people who are using it are referring it to their friends. Add functionality to your app that supports that (e.g. allow a user to share a good experience they had with your app to social media).

Also check if users who use your app are returning after they used this once. Collect feedback from users to understand what they liked and did not like and how you can change the experience for them to come back and recommend your app to others.