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Andreas Rossbacher

Software Engineer bei Airbnb
Architecture and Engineering Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
San Francisco, California
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J May 25, 2016 1134 views

What field should I work in?

I've always enjoyed working with computers, and I've found that tinkering with android phones is something I really enjoy doing. I love trying different custom operating systems and setting everything up efficiently. If these are the things I enjoy doing, what career choice is best for me? I've...

Terryn’s Avatar
Terryn Jan 17, 2018 765 views

How can I get my work in Android development noticed by prospective users?

I have developed several Android applications (one of which is released on the Google Play Store) but am having trouble acquiring new users. I am looking for ways to increase my user base without spending money on advertising, etc. #android #technology #programming

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Alisha May 02, 2016 1975 views

Do you need to go to college to learn Computer vs. THE INTERNET ?!

Studying at college is a pricey affair in comparison with the Internet which offers vast amounts of information and free college courses that teach you the same thing, if not more. So why college ? #college #computer-science #finance #online-learning #mooc #the-internet