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What field should I work in?

I've always enjoyed working with computers, and I've found that tinkering with android phones is something I really enjoy doing. I love trying different custom operating systems and setting everything up efficiently. If these are the things I enjoy doing, what career choice is best for me? I've read about computer science, computer engineering, software engineering, but i'm not sure which one is best for me. #engineering #computer #software #android #mobile #operating-systems

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3 answers

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Wael’s Answer

Let me add another major to your list, information technology. However, your description is spelling out computer science. Still, research and check the curriculum for every major and go with what you like more.

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Andreas’s Answer

Sounds like you would enjoy computer science or computer engineering. When I went to school the first one was more about "how do things work", "what is the complexity of algorithms" and very very theoretical stuff.

This was not always fun, but makes you learn the basics that are behind everything in computing.

Computer engineering on the other hand is more about what we use computers for to do, like running it on phones etc.

So if that tinkering is what you are into vs finding out how it all works, maybe computer engineering is the right thing for you.

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Angie’s Answer

It sounds like engineering or program developer are some areas you may be interested in. I would recommend speaking out people in that industry to see what courses or trainings they recommend. If you enjoy developing Android programs, app developer might be a right fit but don't commit to anything specific unless you have done your research and know what you are getting into. It will save you a lot of time and money!