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What is one important advice do you have for an aspiring Software Engineer like me?

Asked Washington

I am a first year Computer Science major. Also, I am taking Udacity's Android Basics by Google. #engineer #computer #software #software-engineer #android #ios-development

3 answers

Eric’s Answer

Updated Cambridge, Massachusetts

My one big piece of advice is: Work on personal projects on your own time!

Classes are great, and will introduce you to many concepts you will be able to make use of throughout your career. However, nothing can compare to the experience you get from writing your own programs to solve problems that you are interested in solving. Whether it is tools to organize things for you, monitoring systems to alert you when things happen on the Internet, or even games, writing your own programs give you a big advantage over just taking prescribed courses.

Personal projects also can help you determine what specifically you are interested in going into. You say you are taking Android Basics, which is great, and means that if you have an Android phone you can try out writing apps. I'd recommend also trying out writing a Web app, and maybe something lower level like a command-line utility that runs on a desktop. This way you will be exposed to more options and be able to note that you have experience with them when it comes time to look for jobs.

Good luck, and have fun!

This is fantastic advice; and one additional thing I'd like to add is that often, until you work as a professional developer and have work handed to you, the hardest thing is finding an interesting project to do. It's harder than it sounds! So don't be afraid to look at an app or website you already use, and build your a clone of it; this allows you to work against a well-defined problem space and exercise your coding muscles :)

Kumar’s Answer

Updated Sunnyvale, California

It is very important to do internship while you are still in college. Some student take additional courses during summer/winter breaks to speed up and complete their degree requirements earlier. However, if you invest time in internship during these breaks it provides you lot of benefits, such as: 1) Real life experience - You can work in an office / company environments and do real projects 2) Make connections - they can be your mentors or key to getting a good job in future 3) If you really like something in internship, you could study more on the topic in the remaining years in college and get a job which you are really passionate about

moises’s Answer

Updated Grapevine, Texas

Software Engineering is a fantastic area. One advice I would give is always be open to new technology , new ways on how to create to do things better. I've seen the industry evolve many times and it's really based on finding ways to do things better and easier.