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What path should I pursue if I'm interested in history and business degree?

Updated Hawthorne, New Jersey

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Ernesto’s Answer


You have many paths available under history and business degree, in fact many universities have discovered that many of their history graduates go on to become lawyers, but what is most important for you to understand that history majors jobs will eventually require a graduate degree.  The opportunity to become business, geography or library science is obviously another choice.  Since you want to focus on a business degree you might want to consider taking on a position for conducting market research, collecting and analyzing data, uncovering and understanding the past in order to prepare for the future and identifying flaws, errors and inaccuracies in data.  At the end a Master of Business Administration Degree will be the end state for this compelling field.

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Andrew’s Answer

Updated Tampa, Florida

Hello Micheal,

To better narrow down your degree field, It would be better to know what type of history you like. Are you interested in military history, European history, etc. Also, you may try looking into economics as a degree field. Economic analysis can be used throughout businesses and it can be studied throughout history including WW2 and even as far back as ancient Egypt.

Ann’s Answer


Hi Michael,

I apologize for not answering your question sooner. I have been thinking about it, and I have more questions than answers. I may be able to help you, if you can give me more insight by your interests in both history and business. What to you like about history, and what parts of history are you most interested in. What about business interests you? Are there any careers you have heard about that sound interesting to you? Thank you!

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Elizabeth’s Answer

Updated Manvel, Texas

What is your biggest interest and career goal is what you would first consider? If you know you’re going to be working at a corporation then you can get a degree such as a bachelors in business administration but have a minor in history. I have a bachelors in business administration but when I was doing my associates degree I got my associates in applied science in business technology with a Medical subspecialty. That is because I do interest in business but also may be working in a medical office or as a medical assistant at that time.