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Is there a fair advantage of people that go to lower income schools than others that go to better schools? and also does going to a private high school give you a greater chance to bing better at school than others that go to a public school?

I live in San Leandro in the bay area and my school campus is so old compared to others schools. Other schools have such great campus and a better environment. Also I have great goals I want to achieve and I want to know what is best for me.
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2 answers

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John’s Answer

You seem very concerned about advantages or which is better. Let me point out something to you. Yale has math courses and so does your local community college. It is the same math, but if you don't pass the class or even more importantly, learn math, it wasn't worth the price you paid. Many people do well in life with only a licence, (electricians, plummers, truck driver, etc). What really defines you as a student is how much you learn and how hungry you are to use that knowledge. The plaque outside the door or the diploma on the wall might look good but their are a lot of college graduates making coffee. Find what you love to do, what inspires you and what you can do well, (Note: They might not be the same things) and study that. Don't worry about a "Fair Advantage" you might have or others might have over you. Worry about what you can control, yourself, how hard you try, and don't ever quit!

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Mavis’s Answer

A School, any school, is just an opportunity for you to have access to knowledge and guidance. How you use the opportunity is really up to you. The key is to always be curious and never be afraid to ask questions. Have confidence. Everyone has to start somewhere small, even Bill Gates. And if you fall, you pick yourself up, laugh about it and try again and never give up.

You are only in school for a couple of hours. At the end of the day, its all about what you do after school and your friends that counts as well.